Like many artists and creators, it has always been my desire to generate a collection of intellectual properties available for licensing worldwide...


Interested in making a directional change from something old to something different in comic books, toys, or 3D animation feel free to entertain me with a comment.


Kenneth Brown


Artist and Creator
Born in Midland, Texas


My adoration for drawing began at an early age, spending much time bringing my dreams to life in a sketchbook.  My entertainment has always been one of creative expression and when the opportunity arose to further my education in the field of art, I packed my bags and headed to Oklahoma State University. Where I obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree.


Now, I reside in the Dallas, Texas, area with my wife, and two daughters.  Some labeled me as a sci-fi buff.  This fascination coupled with my athletic past and study of the human anatomy has inspired the molding of my characters.


It’s been many uphill battles, but I have managed to overcome countless obstacles to bring me where I am today and to have the satisfaction of helping those who supported me along the way.


I am a firm believer that success is not measured by how high you climb the ladder, but how many people you take with you.